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Mark - Director of AllenCO Construction
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Founded in 1998 by Mark Allen, AllenCO Construction has been servicing Adelaide and South Australia for over 22 years. Since then as Mark’s family grew so did his business.


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Our business is built on a strong foundation and we belive a strong foundation is the key to any construction job. Thats why we are underpinning specialists – but that’s not all we can do!


We also specialise in:


Our underpinning contractors will liaise closely with you to ensure that any inconvenience, noise and disruption is kept to a minimum whilst we repair your home. But whenever structural underpinning is carried out, there are often other jobs that may result from jacking up and strengthening your concrete footings. Repaired cracks may need to be repainted, or patching work carried out to make your home look as good as new.


All our underpinning specialists are multi-skilled workpeople who can assist you with any wall or door repairs or painting necessary to complete the job.

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Cracked walls? Unlevel floors? Your home may be eligible for our specialist underpinning service.