Perfectly positioned in a stunning tree-lined street surrounded by other beautiful homes, our client Megan had struck the home-buyer lottery when she bought her gorgeous sandstone villa with nothing to do but move in and enjoy.

Front of heritage home before renovation works were completed

Frustratingly, around three months after she purchased it, winter weather began to expose poor repairs and renovation work completed by a previous owner-builder with movement in the foundations causing large cracks to the walls internally and externally throughout the home.

After initial consultations with our team and upon further investigation, the faults were found to be serious, causing costly structural issues that would only worsen if immediate mitigation works weren’t completed.

To secure and protect the home from further damage and repair the damage already caused, our scope of works carried out to Magryn Engineering specifications involved:

  • Master plans created by engineer and approved by Megan
  • Consultation with heritage building expert
  • Development and council approval
  • Materials planning
  • Site preparation
  • Earthworks
  • Pier construction
  • Underpinning
  • Foundation repairs
  • Restore porch with tessellated and colour-matched tiling
  • Finishing works including flooring, tiling, concreting, gyprock, and painting

Upon completion of our recommended 12-month settlement period we reviewed the previously damaged areas of the walls and floors to ensure no further movement was present. Once we were satisfied that the footing was stabilised, we were able to finish the final repairs to complete the job, including repairs to the large internal and external wall cracks, installation of colour-matched tessellated tiles on the front porch, and front yard landscaping previously removed to complete the extensive underpinning work.

Megan and her family were absolute superstars throughout the entire process and we’re proud to have been chosen to complete the foundation repairs and renovation work required to secure and protect their family home for years to come.

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