Top-quality house renovations and additions in Adelaide

allenCO Construction are builders specialising in renovations and additions in Adelaide.

When considering a renovation or addition for their home, people look for quality and a fair price. As a family-owned and operated business our reputation is on the line for every job we do, so you can be sure when working with us that you’ll get an amazing result, and for a price that suits your budget.

allenCO Construction specialises in creating custom homes utilising rustic, salvaged, and recycled materials where available, as well as using new and innovative products from brands we all know and trust.

We cover a range of architectural styles including European, Old World, Industrial, Minimalist, Traditional, and Modern designs, and combine this knowledge with our outstanding ability to tap into each client’s unique style to ensure we’re able to make your dream home a reality.

We pride ourselves on our high-quality work ethic, ensuring that our work will stand the test of time. We don’t believe in cutting corners or quick fixes, and we are not a ‘volume builder’ – we are a custom builder and take the time to ensure your house is built to last.


I want to renovate or make an addition to my home, what’s next?

First, we recommend you create a budget for your renovation or addition. By following our steps and breaking your renovation down, it will help you to get a better understanding of your needs and what you want to get from your renovation or addition.

Once you’ve worked out your budget and know what you want, you’re ready to put your plans into action and contact us for a quote – 0429 999 478

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