Your Underpinning Specialists in Adelaide, South Australia

There are quite a few methods of underpinning to repair the foundations of your home, investment, or business. As such, the costs and time frame to complete the work can vary greatly.

The allenCO construction underpinning team are considered to be one of the last old-school underpinners in Adelaide and South Australia. Using methods that are tried and true, we can be sure to guarantee our work ensuring your home, investment, or business is safe, will stand the test of time, is competitively priced, and retains and grows in value in years to come.

A side by side photo showing the before and after of an underpinning and renovation of a home. It shows large wall cracks above the front door, standing in the hallway looking towards the door. The before photo shows large cracks and an old pendant light. The after photo shows no cracks, a new black pendant light, and fresh white paint.

What is Underpinning and how do I know if my home needs it?

Underpinning concrete footings is a means of foundation repair by propping up and strengthening the foundation so the structural damage of the home or property is repaired, and further damage and unsightly signs of a poor foundation are avoided.

You may require underpinning if you notice the following:
  • Cracked walls
  • Uneven floors
  • Doors that no longer align to their frames
  • Windows that are hard to open
  • Persistently damp ground
  • Dry, cracked soil
  • Sagging or sloping floors or ceilings

allenco Underpinning and Foundation Repair

allenCO construction structural underpinning involves excavating the original footings, then pouring more concrete underneath the footings and reinforcing it with steel to give additional strength and stability.

Once the concrete has cured (this typically takes around five days depending on damage and weather conditions) – heavy-duty jacks are placed on the reinforced concrete and the whole structure is jacked up, this closes up those cracks and voids.

Once the cracks have been successfully closed, either heavy-duty props are positioned to stop the building from sagging again, or the jacks are left in place and more concrete and steel reinforcement are used to make the repairs permanent and strong. The job is finished once we are convinced the foundation is as strong as it can be.

If you think your home, investment, or business requires underpinning and foundation repairs, contact our expert team to arrange a consultation and quote – 0429 999 478