Award Winners – Business Excellence Awards


A picket fence gate for a home with signage for award winners allenCO construction.

We’re Award Winners! The next steps

allenCO Construction are pround to announce we’re award winners for “Small Residential Building Company – Annual Turnover under $5M” at the 2023 Master Builders Australia National Business Excellence Awards. … Continue reading

Commercial Underpinning in Adelaide


Commercial underpinning work showing the supports of a wall in an underground carpark to stop it from collapsing.


When it comes to safeguarding the stability and longevity of your commercial property, the concept of commercial underpinning takes center stage. At allenCO Construction, we specialise in the art of strengthening, elevating, and sustaining settling foundations. … Continue reading

Foundation Repair in South Australia


Hydrolic lifting machine designed to lift damaged foundations during underpinning work.

Foundation Repair – Protecting Your Home’s Stability

The foundation is the backbone of any structure, providing stability and support. Over time, various factors such as soil conditions, weather changes, and structural stresses can lead to serious damage requiring foundation repair. … Continue reading