Neglecting your commercial property’s foundation

City alley between two red bricked buildings

Being proactive about the state of your property’s foundation does not only apply to the family home. It is just as important to be on top of any structural issues that may arise in a commercial property that you own.

What’s the problem?

Shifting foundations, cracks in walls, issues with doors, and warped floors are equally serious in this context as they are at home, pointing to the need for underpinning to repair the damage and support the building. 

What’s often different here is that the issue may not be staring you in the face, particularly if your building is tenanted and therefore managed at arm’s length. Undetected problems that remain unfixed can lead to expensive repairs in the long run. It could even render your building unsafe, posing a real risk to occupants and causing you a significant headache.


What should I look out for?

So when you are managing the property maintenance of a commercial building, make sure you look for any signs that the foundation may be in need of attention and then take action to ensure the ongoing viability of your interest. 

Should you come across any signs of damage, it may well mean that there are gaps forming in the ground beneath the building. This may be because soil structures change over time or there might be other local issues that cause the ground to shift, such as renovations or a construction site nearby. Any voids in the soil will need filling, otherwise, the foundations will continue to move causing further damage to the structure. It can also be the case that the foundation weakens over time and is no longer strong enough to support the building.


What should I do next?

The most effective and reliable way to fix this is through underpinning. This process will strengthen the ground and reinforce the foundation, ensuring the longevity of the building and helping to prevent any further structural damage. 

For help understanding how underpinning can help repair your Adelaide commercial property, contact Allenco Construction today

With years of experience in the construction industry and as industry leaders in underpinning work, allenCO construction can assess the state of your foundation and provide a plan that will attend to any problems, providing the stability you need to safeguard your property investment.


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