Top 5 Trends in Outdoor Living

Outdoor entertaining area with timber decking and timber furniture with a white hamptons style house


The summer season is finally upon us! You may have considered giving your home a much-needed revamp, a simple yet effective way to lift and extend the liveability of your home is to makeover the outdoor living and entertaining area.

Whether your outdoor space is small or large there is a way to make the most of the area you have, and to a budget that suits your bank account.

When considering a home makeover or renovation it’s important to choose a design that will help you to maximise the space, to use materials that will last and can be easily maintained, and to scrutinise trends to ensure they stand the test of time and not become outdated too soon.

Our team have put together this list of Top 5 Trends in Outdoor Living, ensuring it meets the important criteria of liveability, usability, and timeless design.


The concept of bringing the outside in is not a new trend, however, our warm Australian weather and love for the outdoors has evolved to bring the inside out. If the rear of your home is reminiscent of a garden from the ’60s and centered with a Hills Hoist, it may be time to remove your undies from public display and consider upgrading your garden to match the needs of your family and lifestyle.

You can bring the inside out by adding stylish touches like lounges, plants, rugs, lighting and art to an outdoor area to really make it feel like home. Extending a deck and pergola area out from the rear of your home is another great way to harness additional liveable space while decorative screens hide away the unsightly things like bins, clotheslines, and tool sheds.


Summer entertaining suddenly becomes hassle-free with the ability to prepare and enjoy food entirely from the comfort of your garden while keeping mess and smells outside. Adding an outdoor kitchen can also greatly add to the value of your home.

Here’s a few things you should consider when installing an outdoor kitchen;

1. Position it beside the eating area to make the flow of hosting and entertaining feel more seamless.

2. If you don’t want the hassle of changing over the gas bottle, running extension cords for appliances, or walking dishes back and forth to the house, then connecting your outdoor kitchen to mains gas*, electricity* and water* would be an ideal solution for true entertaining independent of the home (*It is a legal requirement to have these things installed using qualified tradespeople, our team are here to help).

3. Use materials to compliment your home’s existing style for seamless integration of your outdoor kitchen space. For additional ‘wow’ factor you can style your outdoor kitchen to make a whole new space.



The everchanging budget, tightening of purse strings, and a desire to teach our kids where their food comes from has led to an explosion of backyard farmers. Raised garden beds, vertical gardens, pot shops, and kerbside community food sharing are not only ways to create beautiful and delicious gardens (and meet the neighbours that have just moved in down the street), but they’re also worth thinking about if you’re considering foodscaping your garden.

If you have space, raised garden beds are ideal if you are looking for something with a higher yield capability to properly compliment your weekly grocery shop. But if limited to a smaller yard or balcony, then wall gardens and pots are the way to go.


Lighting can make or break the ambiance, mood, or vibe of a space. Choosing the right lighting for your outdoor area is essential to light up a specific focal point, draw people to an area of the garden for entertaining, or simply to keep your property secure and safe.

There are many different lighting styles to consider, all with varying price points:

  • String Lights Add a warm glow, affordable, romantic.
  • Lanterns Ambient light creating atmosphere (think ‘The Bachelor’ house).
  • Deck Lights A quick way to modernise existing decking or bring the wow factor to a new deck.
  • Spotlights Highlight garden features or light up areas to make them safe and secure.
  • Pond and Pool Lights Improve night-time visibility, essential when you have pets or kids
  • Path Lights These make a huge difference in the night-time visual appeal of your home, as well as making it safer to move around when you have visitors.
  • Smart Lights The revolution of smartphones, smart TV’s and smart speakers has found its way into lighting. Simply by using an app on your phone to connect to smart bulbs, lighting fixtures, strip lights and floodlights, you can activate, shut down, or change the colour of a range of outdoor lights in various areas of your garden.


If you’re in the planning stages of improving the liveability, functionality, and value of your home why not read more about creating a budget for your renovation to get you started?

Contact us to arrange a consultation with our friendly team and find out what we can do for you!

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